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Sample New Mexico Banned License Plates

New Mexico Banned License Plates

The state of New Mexico allows you to have a personalized license plate in your car. The plates are overseen by the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division. But your personalized license plate request can be banned in New Mexico if it contains stupid things.

There are types of vehicles that can have personalized plates. So, here they are:

  1. The first type of vehicle that can have a vanity plate is Autos.
  2. The second type is Vans.
  3. Then, the third type of vehicle is Pickups.
  4. And, the last type is Motorcycles.

If you want to order a license plate in New Mexico, you have to follow the above-mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, you need to visit the website of Personalized License Plates in New Mexico.
  • Secondly, you have to complete the application form for the license plate.
  • Thirdly, you need to submit the fees and the application.
  • And, lastly, you must mail them to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division.

New Mexico Banned License Plate

Though personalized license plates are very used in New Mexico, some points will make you ban your request.

  • Your request can be banned if it duplicates existing plates.
  • The DMV can reject your request if it has an obscene or derogatory meaning.
  • If your request contains a reference to drugs, it will get a rejection by the DMV.
  • You will get a rejection if your preferred license has some reference to a gang.
  • If the personalized license plate contains a sexual connotation, the DMV will reject it.
  • You will get a rejection if your plate has religious content.
  • Your request cannot contain hate speech.

You have three ways to order your license plate. You can do it:

  • by mail
  • by fax
  • or in person

Examples of New Mexico Banned License Plate

So here are some examples of banned license plates in New Mexico.

  • 6UALDMN- this means “sexual demon”.
  • IH8DST8- this one means “I hate this state”.
  • 6E- this means “sexy”.
  • 2Q- meaning “took you”.
  • BG8S- this one contains a name, which is “Bill Gates”.
  • 404- meaning “not found”.
  • IX XI- this means “911 or emergency”.

The requirements on the license plate

You can have a maximum of 7 characters on your Personalized License Plate in New Mexico. The characters must be fewer for the specialized plates and motorcycles.

Any combination of numbers and letters is allowable. And you can use spaces, apostrophes, the Zia symbol, and dashes.

The custom plate fees

You have to pay to get your personalized license plate in New Mexico. The custom plate fee is $17.00.

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